Elk Bow Hunting Strategies

Elk hunting is a popular sport in the United States and Canada. The elk is bigger than deer and can be a challenging and rewarding game. The big game of elk has larger antlers and can weigh more than a regular size deer. There are different strategies that can be used to successfully hunt elk with a bow. There are a variety of factors that should be considered before going on the hunt. These factors can help ensure that you have a successful hunting season and are able to effectively kill one of these large animals. An elk will provide an abundance of meat that can be stored in the freezer. These tips will help ensure that you have a successful elk hunting adventure.

Find the Best Location

In order to determine the best location for elk hunting, you will need to scout out the area. This should be done in advance. You will want to go into the wild earlier and be ready before the elk is moving around. Once you know and understand the routine of the elk, you can better determine your perfect location. If you do not scout and try your luck at the first spot you see to hunt, you may find yourself being disappointed. Being able to familiarize yourself with the elk’s movements and routine can make a big difference in the outcome of your hunting expedition. You will be able to go into the wilderness with confidence and know that your bow hunting will be successful at the end of the day.

Use the Appropriate Scent

To effectively track, locate and bow shot an elk, you need to consider your scent. If an elk smells your scented deodorant or soap, you will most likely not have a successful hunt. These large animals have an amazing ability to smell. When you are ready to hunt these large creatures, it is important to eliminate the scent. Do not use any scented soaps, deodorant, shampoos, or laundry soap. If you are able to find an elk scent, use it wisely. This will help the elk to eliminate the human scent and draw elk to your location. The less scent that the elk can detect, the better your odds will be to locate them. When it is time to target the big beast, position yourself behind foliage to keep you camouflaged. Ensure that you have enough room to maneuver and aim your bow.

Up Close

When hunting elk, it is important to get as close as you can without being spotted. Hide in the bushes or shrubbery to stay concealed. If you can get close enough to make a visual, aim, and shoot, then you will have a positive kill. If you can get up to approximately 40 yards away from the elk, then you will not have any trouble making an accurate shot. The farther away you are from the elk, the less likely you will have to make the shot count with your bow. Be realistic when you are working on your perfect spot to hide and be certain that you’re close enough to make the shot be successful.

Make Some Noise

If it is necessary, you can make noise to bring the elk closer to you. Be sure that the noise you are making will attract and not deter the elk. If you want a big bull elk to come to you, then make a sound of another bull. This will help the elk to come to the sound, because they think another bull is challenging them. This can be extremely beneficial if you’re in a spot that has minimal elk action. If you have never used noise to attract an elk, you may want to do some research first. This will help you understand what sounds work and what does not. You do not want to use noise as a way to call a big bull into you if you’re not sure what noise to make. I recommend practicing the calls and noises before effectively using them in the wild.

Accurate Bow Shot

Make sure your bow is working properly and is accurately sighted. The last mistake that you would not want make is having an elk in sight, and the bow malfunctioning. Double check your bow before heading into the wild. Once you have successfully located an elk, be patient. Do not take a frontal shot if you can help it. It is easier to kill or injure an elk when you take the shot on its side. It is harder to hit the main organs to make a quality kill when the bow shot it taken from the front side of the elk. Wait before you take the shot to ensure a positive kill.


These factors are great tips to consider when bow hunting for elk. If you follow these tips, you will have a better opportunity to have a successful kill. A successful kill means more meat in your freezer and a proud hunting story to remember. Remember to scout the area, make noise when appropriate, practice, descent yourself, and be patient. When these useful tips are followed, you can have a successful elk hunting experience. Now it is time to go elk bow hunting and get that big elk.

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