Banshee Intermediate Compound Bow Review

Banshee Intermediate Compound Bow Review

The Banshee Intermediate Compound Bow is a simple bow with an elegant design. At first glance, it doesn’t seem too sophisticated, which really leaves only an experienced user the ability to assess whether or not it is a quality bow.

There are a number of other options out there with designs that the Banshee bow clearly does not have, but that isn’t reason enough to write it off. Often times, specialization can be mistaken as being clearly technical, but in some cases, specialization could mean being more accommodative, which is what this bow seems to attempt to be.

What makes a quality bow is its ability to efficiently deliver on the promises made to its buyers and it is on that basis that this review is conducted.

Depending on your particular needs and experience, this compound bow could prove to be just what you are looking for, so let’s begin by looking at its features.


  • The Banshee Bow has a reinforced handle that is of the highest quality. It is also specially designed to be suitable for both right-handed and left-handed archers.
  • The quality strings the bow is fitted with are attached to a cam system that together creates a peak weight system. The peak weight is 25 pounds.
  • The bow has a soft grip which can make usage much more comfortable.
  • The bow has a sight pin included in its makeup.
  • Roller pins and two arrows are included in the package.


  • The bow is lightweight, which means people of all ages can easily handle it. This is made possible by the fact that it consists only of the basic features expected from a compound bow.
  • The fact that the bow’s design is ambidextrous, allowing archers to use whichever side of their body they are comfortable with, it sets itself up as a practical option for a wide range of users.
  • The peak weight system, allowing for a maximum draw of up to 25 pounds, it is more than ideal for archers at an intermediate level. This feature improves the acceleration part of an archer’s game by increasing the weight with every inch drawn, so that they further back you go, the more energy is created by the cam system, resulting in greater acceleration.
  • Quality and comfort go together when it comes to the materials used to make up this bow. It is both soft where it needs to be and rigid where also expected.
  • The sight pin included is a great addition, allowing users to improve their aim at long-distance targets.
  • There bow features no more than needed. This makes it ideal for young users and beginner to intermediate archer’s alike.


  • This bow comes with no more than the basic needs, so for archers looking for more advanced features to better their game, this would not be the most ideal option.
  • Despite being rigid at the limb’s center, the opposite ends are thin and light, meaning an archer’s ability to aim is not greatly improved by using this bow. This also means that environmental factors, such as the wind, sway a player easier than they would with a heavier bow.


Assessing the Banshee Compound Bow on the basis of good and bad can lead to an erroneous conclusion that will prove to be true to some and completely false to others. The best way to look at the bow is by determining who intends to use it.

If a professional or advanced archer is considering this, it might not be the best option as it is as simple and basic as compound bows come. It would not do much to improve the acceleration or aim of an archer at a higher level either.

What proves to be its negatives, however, also turns out to be what makes this a great bow. The light weight makes it suitable for young users, its draw weight and comfort features make it ideal for beginner archers.

The ambidextrous handle tops off what seem to be features included with the specific intention of being more accommodating than specialized. If that was the intention of the Banshee compound bow makers when they designed it, then without a shadow of a doubt, it is a bow of the highest quality.

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