iGlow Compound Bow Review

iGlow Compound Bow Review

Archery has a long and rich history, and as should be expected from something dating back thousands of years, the usage of archery has evolved much; from its practical use in hunting game in the wild, its use in warfare, until finally settling as a sport.

Part of this evolution has come about as a result of adaption of the tools used, the most recent of these being the compound bow, a once simple piece now fitted with advanced levering systems that have made its use more deadly and efficient.

Our ancestors would have envied us for the strides made in improving the bow, though that can be said for pretty much everything else in life.

This improvement of the bow is marked by its multifaceted nature, such as cam systems and sights, but it also needs to be flexible to a wide range of users. This includes children looking to begin practicing at an early age and beginner archers who do not need to be burdened by too many extra features.

A compound bow can be adapted to suit specific needs in a various number of ways, and this is well exemplified by the iGlow Compound bow which is especially suitable for beginner archers, young practitioners, or those just looking to shoot an arrow or two once in a while.


  • The bow is extremely tough and rigid. This is expected from a compound bow and this serves as an indicator that it is of a high quality, likely able to withstand a few environmental factors and stay intact over a period of time.
  • The bow itself weighs just under two pounds, which is considerably light, though probably not the lightest you can find if it is for a young child. This is one of the many features that make is suitable for amateur archers.
  • It comes with a cam system that serves to increase the stability and speed of a shot. The draw weight is adjustable, ranging anywhere from 19 to 25 pounds, making it more than enough for a beginner at its peak.
  • The bow is fitted with quality strings that are to withstand different environmental factors and temperatures without affecting an archer’s game.
  • It also has an adjustable draw length, averaging 20 inches.
  • An arrow rest and sight pin also consist of the bow’s overall makeup.
  • Two fiberglass arrows are included in the pack. These are the recommended type for this particular bow and they serve to teach beginner users what type of arrows are best for their bow. A quiver is also included.
  • An armguard is also featured. This serves as added safety measure which is of special significance for young users.


  • The bow is pretty easy to use, enabling a wide number of people with different experiences and ages to use it.
  • It’s a strong bow, which helps steady aim.
  • The cam system works such that an archer’s shot is improved in speed
  • The sight pin included helps with aim.
  • The overall quality of material, especially the arrows.


  • The bow does not have any measures that add comfort, which can be discouraging, especially for young users
  • Not suitable for left-handed users


The iGlow Compound Bow is a simple but efficient bow. Its features seem to want to remind users of the bow’s more primitive and crude past in how it shapes itself, though that is not to say that it compromises on its essential functions as a contemporary compound bow.

It undeniably does much to not only function as expected, but it also serves to help evolve individual archers by bettering their aim, the speed of their shots, and subsequently, the confidence they feel whenever an arrow is drawn.

This evolution process is an integral part of the game and the most important of the considerations made in designing the bow.

Stripped from all the added luxuries to be found in other compound bows, the iGlow instead chooses to focus on getting its essential functions right, and it does just that.

There are some let downs, features that could be added to make it almost perfect, but if you are looking for simplicity and performance, either as a young user, a late starter or as a casual archer, then the iGlow hits close enough to what you are targeting.

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