Best 6 Compound Bow Stabilizers Reviews

If you are planning to become a serious archer, or become an excellent bow hunter, you need to be well equipped. One important accessory that can improve your performance greatly is the best compound bow stabilizer. Without a stabilizer, the shooter will be subject to variations with their shots. This means that one will not achieve their desired target which is demoralizing especially if you were hunting the biggest trophy in your life. What you need to know is that the simplest variation in a user’s shot could throw off the arrow’s flight.

If you are a hunter, you don’t want to startle the animal you are hunting. You want to make the first shot as quiet as possible. Not using a compound stabilizer will result in what professionals call “jump the string.” What this means is that your prey will hear the release of your bow. The result is that the prey will bolt into the woods for safety before even the arrow makes contact. While it can be impossible to eliminate all the noise a bow produces, you can silence the vibrations and noise ensuring silent operation. The majority of hunters who are beginners believe that they can take down a prey by speeding up how fast the arrow travels. Well, this is not the case and professionals will tell you, to invest in the best compound bow stabilizer.

How to choose the best compound bow stabilizer

Bow stabilizers are useful if you want to take down your prey or hit the target in a serious tournament. For experienced users, shopping for one is easy. For beginners, it is a daunting task but taking these factors into consideration, you can make your shopping experience to be pleasant.

  1. Type of material

Majority of hunters and archers may get into a rut and start using the same accessories like their buddies without a second thought. As a hunter, it is important to take time and purchase accessories that work for you. If you are considering buying the best compound bow stabilizer, the first thing you need to look at is the type of material. The best material should be lightweight reducing vibrations and noise allowing you to take down your target. The best stabilizers are manufactured with carbon fiber thanks to its lightweight nature.

  1. Dampener

The dampener is a component fitted onto a stabilizer that helps to reduce noise levels when releasing the arrow. Majority of dampeners are made with rubber which complements the stabilizers carbon fiber material. The rubber helps to lower vibrations improving balance by keeping the bow stable. When vibrations are reduced, other accessories will not come loose.

  1. Design

As you already know, the idea behind a stabilizer is to lower vibrations and noise. To ensure that the stabilizer is not distracting, look for one with a great design. It should not be too long that is more than 10 inches or have a solid construction. Manufacturers today are using CNC machine design to produce high quality products from computer aided designs. This ensures peace of mind for users whether participating in a serious tournament or hunting in the woods.

  1. Length

It is important not to use the same accessory a buddy is using. What works for another person will not work for you. The length of a stabilizer is an important consideration. If you are using the stabilizer to shoot targets as an archer, then a longer stabilizer will be a great choice. A longer stabilizer ensures accuracy with each shot thanks to the extra stability. It is important to note that hunters do not need a long stabilizer. Hunters are more comfortable using a short stabilizer. It’s best for ensuring accurate shots finally making that awesome kill. For hunters who are planning to use blinds and stands, a longer stabilizer will do.

  1. Weighted front end

The weighted front end is an important factor to consider and helps to maximize on efficiency. It works the same like the barrel of a rifle. The added weight maintains a steady aim of the bow allowing you to hit the mark. It also contributes in keeping the arrow’s aim steady. The front end weight works by eliminating vibrations since it oscillates at a particular frequency. The vibrations are converted into motion without affecting the bow.


Top 6 Compound Bow Stabilizer Reviews


  1. Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer

Bee Stinger Stabilizers are fabricated with high quality Smart Carbon technology that assures the user of high performance when in use. The company has adopted a winning concept and modified it in order to create an ultimate line of high performing products. The formula used combines a lightweight carbon bar that is extremely rigid. When taking that shot that will ensure the trophy of a lifetime, the only thing that matters is the wandering pin. The Pro Hunter Stabilizer is engineered to keep you steady under pressure. It also helps to lower vibrations improving your accuracy.

Features of Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer 

  • 100% smart carbon technology

In order to ensure high performance, the stabilizer is fabricated using smart carbon technology. Carbon technology is renowned for its lightweight nature and strong properties. This is why it is the chosen material for engineering products like racing car bodies, aeroplanes and sports good. Furthermore, the material helps to ensure durability allowing you to have a product with a great value. With the Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer, you are assured of long term service.

  • Deresonator

The Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer is fitted with a deresonator which is designed to tune and minimize the harmonics of the bow finally improving the accuracy of the arrow’s flight. Every archer knows that achieving high accuracy levels using the old methods of archery will not result in clear shots. If you are participating in a serious archer tournament or hunting, accuracy should be your goal. The deresonator is fitted on the stabilizer and is constructed with noise and vibration control material which helps to tune waves and vibrations. Since the waves affect accuracy levels negatively, the deresonator helps to stabilize it. It is built with durability in mind making it perfect for use outdoors and in harsh environments. As a highly effective noise and vibration dampening product, it is fabricated by a company with a solid reputation. This assures you of a high quality product.


  1. Fabricated with Smart Carbon technology assuring you of a high quality product that lasts long
  2. Its fitted with three independently removable end weights for customized performance and balance
  3. Has an internal harmonic dampener that provides stiff construction
  4. The deresonator helps to reduce vibration improving the arrow’s flight path
  5. The stabilizer is engineered by a company with a solid reputation assuring customers of a high quality product


  1. Quite heavy for beginners
  2. The user’s arm may tire off quickly as a result of the weight.


  1. EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer

You may be wondering what the abbreviation SSG stands for. It simply means Silence Second Generation which is a term used to describe the performance of the stabilizer. As one of the best compound bow stabilizer, the product has proven to be a harmonic dampener and silencer. It is fabricated as a 4 inch stabilizer that is divided into three sections. It comes in a cool design making it the perfect product that archers and hunters need to invest in if they want to attain high accuracy rates finally taking home the trophy of a life.

Features of EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer

  • CNC Machine design

CNC or Computer Numeric Control refers to a fabricating process that allows the use of automation of machine tools in order to come up with a durable and high quality product. The system operates under precisely programmed commands encoded on a storage medium which is usually found in the device as opposed to traditional fabrication processes where the hand wheel or levers are used. As an automated fabrication process, all the work is done by the computer. This is the process that the EBBQ Axion SSG Silencer Stabilizer has undergone providing you with a high quality product that works as advertised – reducing wind resistance and the effect of hand torque during the shot.

  • Mathew’s proven harmonic damper and stabilizer technology

If you were to ask any expert, they would tell you that when it comes to arrows and bows, the most suitable way to slow down any object’s movement is to make it heavier. If torque was not a factor, the answer would be simple– balance. Balance helps to ensure all forces in play are taken care of improving your performance. Thanks to the proven harmonic damper and stabilizer technology, your performance is improved.


  1. It is engineered with high quality materials ensuring a cool design. This eliminates vibrations and ensures accuracy when in the field
  2. It is CNC machine design which ensures 80% less wind resistance and due to this, the hand torque is reduced
  3. The stabilizer is made with high quality materials assuring you of a lightweight product that is perfect for use by beginners and experienced users
  4. Perfect for use by users who prefer either the left or right hand
  5. Its length makes it capable in a hunting setting plus it comes in camo design which blends well in hunting surroundings


  1. Very expensive.


  1. NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer

The Apache Bow Stabilizer provides the same solid construction and stealth qualities which has made Apache to be a trusted brand among archers and hunters. As a trusted product from the Apache drop away arrow rest lineup, it comes with proprietary dampening material which helps to snuff out vibrations and silence the bow at the shot. For added versatility, the engineers have built in a 5 inch base stabilizer and a 2 ounce carbon fiber accessory bar that helps to provide balance to the bow. Looking for a stabilizer that works as advertised.

Features of NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer

  • Proprietary dampening materials

The use of ultra-lightweight proprietary materials is critical for several reasons. For starters, if the connect rod is too heavy, it adds weight to the bow which means it will not allow the archer to use the weight effectively. If the rod is weak or the weight is disconnected, the weight cannot effectively resist the forces exerted on the bow before the arrow has left the string. Allowing forces to impact the bow negatively causes a less steady sight picture and less forgiving bow. The use of proprietary dampening materials helps to snuff out vibration and silence the bow at the shot. This is what every archer is looking for especially if they practicing for a serious tournament for archers or are currently participating in one. This helps to ensure the bow is steady allowing the flight of the arrow to be steady finally attaining the mark.

  • Removable fiber accessory bar

Engineered with precision and adjustability, the NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer is designed to meet the demands of a true hardcore bow hunter and serious archer. The stabilizer is fabricated to attack both vibration and stabilization allowing for a superior hunting set up. As a serious archer or bow hunter, there are times when vibrations from your shooting affect your success rate. It also affects your ability to hit the target or prey in case you are a hunter. One of the key advantages of bow stabilizers is to eliminate noise when firing an arrow. In order to lessen the movement and keep the bow steady, the NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer comes with a removable fiber accessory bar. It is designed with carbon fiber, a material renowned for its lightweight and tough properties. This ensures durability providing you with long term service. Furthermore as part of the base stabilizer, it greatly reduces bow vibration and noise which ensures that as a hunter, you can take a clean shot without alerting the animal. This assures you of great results at an affordable price.


  1. The bow stabilizer offers exceptional bow control which is attributed to the use of proprietary dampening materials
  2. It is fabricated to provide maximum adjustability options for added convenience and comfort. This helps bow hunters and archers to improve their performance

c .Thanks to its noise reduction capability, it enables you to take aim of a target whether the animal is making slight movements or it’s windy

  1. Its available in black color and size 8 inches
  2. It features a 3 inch 2 ounce carbon fiber accessory bar that allows you to get the weight of the stabilizer away from the bow. This helps to impart superior balance


  1. The stabilizer may be a little heavy towards the front for beginners
  2. It lacks an attractive physical appearance.


  1. LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer

LimbSaver has used state of the art technology to fabricate a highly effective noise and vibration dampening product.

Features of LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer

  • 7 inch machined aircraft aluminum tube

The LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer is designed through the process of CNC. The process begins with computer aided design where engineers come up with a 3D model of the unit which is finally fed into the computer before fabrication begins. The system works with computer aided manufacturing programs that translate the computer file interpreted into the exact commands needed to operate the machine. Modern machines combine different tools for example drills, saws, laser and robotic arms. They work through a step by step process producing a design that matches the original 3D design. Aluminum is used which a lightweight metal that is corrosion resistant to assure you of durability.

  • NAVCO end node

As an award winning bow stabilizer, the LimbSaver WindJammer Bow Stabilizer tubing is filled with proprietary NAVCOM material. The end node is fitted to the unit which helps to control vibrations. By doing this, the archer’s or hunter’s bow is stabilized allowing one to hit the target.


  1. Quick and easy to install
  2. Controls vibrations improving shots
  3. Built durably for outdoors and harsh environments
  4. Engineered and made in the USA
  5. Used by outdoor enthusiasts, military, hunters and law enforcement


  1. Does not come with a counterbalance
  2. Not for target shooters.


  1. SAS Aluminum Stabilizer

The SAS Aluminum Stabilizer is built with aluminum, a lightweight material that is used in the aerospace industry. It is also a preferred material because of its corrosion resistant properties.

Features of SAS Aluminum Stabilizer

  • Extreme Vibration Dampening Technology

When it comes to using a bow and arrow, there are forces that come into play. These forces affect torque and the solution is not to increase the mass weight of the bow. The solution is to stabilize the bow to ensure the arrows flight is sure and steady. This is why the weight is more effective when moved away from the center of the rotation. Ever wondered why tight rope walkers use a very long pole or why baseball bats are bigger and heavier towards the end? Thanks to dampening technology, you can finally hit the target.

  • Precision Aluminum Design

In order to understand how useful a stabilizer can be to an archer, you need to know how it works. Stabilizers are designed to hold your bow steady while at full draw and at the time of release when shooting. It embodies the definition of balance. When archers are at full draw, several forces affect the cables, limbs and back muscles of the archer. When archers release the arrow, the forces do change dramatically and this affects the accuracy of the shot. In order to stabilize the flight of the arrow, stabilizers are used to resist the movement of the bow when affected by these forces. This is why the unit is made with aluminum.


  1. Made with aluminum
  2. Utilizes vibration dampening technology
  3. Has full draw counter balance
  4. Item weighs 5.4 ounces
  5. Available in camo design


  1. No additional customizations
  2. No wrist sling.


  1. Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

The Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is designed to absorb shocks and adds weight to the front of the bow. This helps to avoid unfortunate imbalance that may affect the trajectory of the arrow.

Features of Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer

  • Ballistix co-polymer system

The Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer is based around the Ballistix co-polymer system providing archers and hunters with ultra-stiff construction. The stabilizer has the strength of aluminum and 25% less weight than aluminum. It also boasts of soft touching coating which helps to reduce vibrations. As a result, archers and hunters are able to hit the mark with ease.

  • Unique design

It features a unique design which is engineered to allow wind to pass through. This is perfect especially when hunting in the woods or when participating in a serious tournament. Unlike other designs which feature a solid construction and are easily swayed by wind, the Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer remains steady at all times. This gives you a steadier shot.


  1. Helps you steady your bow for accurate shots
  2. Features the ballistix co-polymer system
  3. Boasts of the soft touch coating for vibration reduction
  4. Comes with a braided sling
  5. Unique design allows wind to pass through


  1. Only works on ¼ inch thread
  2. Available in RealTree camo pattern.

Final Verdict

If you want to be taken serious as an archer or a bow hunter, you need to arm yourself with the right equipment and accessories if you want to hit the target. You’ll need to invest in the best compound bow stabilizer. As an exceptional accessory, it is composed of different parts which play a vital role in providing balance to your bow. Some of the components fabricated into the stabilizer include the screw mount, dampening material and front end weight. As a complete unit, the stabilizer works by reducing vibrations and noise. Vibrations have been found to interfere with the aim of an archer or a bow hunter. This distorts the aim of the archer or bow hunter resulting in a miss. It also helps to lower noise levels which happen when the arrow is released. While the noise may not be too loud for the human ear, it is noticeable by an animal located a little farther away. If this were to happen, the animal will bolt and you will lose your prey. Thanks to the noise dampening material, you will operate at stealth mode. If you are shopping for the best compound bow stabilizer, I highly recommend the products reviewed above.

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