Crossman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow Review

Crossman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow Review

As the name implies, the Crossman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow is designed specifically for young archers looking to ply their trade. There is a certain temptation to lessen the expectancy of tools such as this when they are made for children, but adaption cannot be mistaken to mean lessening the standard of what is required.

When it comes to a sport like archery, you want to condition the young ones at an early stage to get used to all the particulars needed to excel in the sport, making progress at a later stage easier.

At the same time, a bow that is both adapted and considerate of their ambitions simply means more fun, and the reward of having fun is that the learning archer naturally wants to improve their game.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Crossman Jr. Bow should be able to execute all the main functions expected from a compound bow, and it is by that standard, and no less, that I make the following review.

Before getting started on whether it actually lives up to its promises or not, I will start by highlighting its features, and how they function with regards to the practice.



Starting off by analyzing the quality of the bow’s material is important, not only to assess how long a buyer can use the bow but also taking in mind that children will be using it. The natural safety concerns, however, are immediately quelled once the sturdiness of the bow is appraised.

The cam system is heavy duty, and the strings resistant, making the overall piece up to standard.

Cam System

As expected from a compound bow, the Crossman Jr. uses a cam system, albeit a very simple one, that helps steady and accelerate an archers shot. The system allows a draw weight of 21 pounds, which proves to be the more professional aspect of the bow as it results in a steadier and quicker shot.


The bow comes with two arrows, placed in a 2-piece quiver, meaning an archer can get started right away. This is where some of the bows most essential features come in as it helps determine both the suitability of the bow for the age of archers using it and its ability to improve aim.

The center shot riser is coupled with an adjustable sight window, allowing for flexibility in aiming.


The bow is designed for right-handed archers in a way that makes it easy for beginners to know where to place their hands when steadying for a shot. The weight and weight distribution along the bow are such that young archers worry only about their aim. Add the arm-guard as an extra safety measurement and the bow set is complete.


  • The Crossman Jr. combines both its light weight and a reliable steadiness that makes it a high-quality bow for children.
  • The bow is also of high-quality material, meaning it risks outlasting its suitability for a growing archer.
  • The acceleration speed and steadiness of an arrow is incredibly powerful, considering the simple cam system, which turns out to be a pleasant surprise as it is not necessarily expected to perform to the degree in which it does. It also has a 65% let off, which is decent, helping reduce the amount of strength needed to pull an arrow back.
  • If right-handed, the bow is also very comfortable, all while taking into account the necessary safety measures parents will be concerned about.
  • The set comes complete with all you need to get started.


  • The arrow rest, however well intentioned, simply is not up to standard.
  • While shots are steady and fast, getting the arrow in place and adjusting the sight needs a little getting used to.


The Crossman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow makes its intentions clear simply from the name and it hardly disappoints. Designed to fit the needs of its target clients, it never seems to compromise on its overall quality, and refusing to reduce its standards in the way it does is not a quality to be overlooked.

Its shortcomings, though few, can prove to be a little grave, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little practice.

Overall, it is a great bow to get young children started on archery, all while allowing them to feel the thrill of it all from the get-go.

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