How a Compound Bow Sight Works: Common Facts to Remember

How a Compound Bow Sight Works: Common Facts to Remember

Knowing how a compound bow sight works is an important aspect that hunters and archers should not dare to ignore. This is because doing such is very helpful in making sure that they are able to make accurate shots and hit the designated target.

Unfortunately, a lot of bow enthusiasts are not aware of these. Thus, most of them fail to shoot arrows accurately. So to help them understand how a compound bow sight works, this article enumerates some of the most common facts about the device.

Compound bow sights come in various types

One of the common facts that individuals should bear in mind in order to understand how a compound bow sight works well is the fact that they come in various types. Among the most popular types of sights that are used by professional archers today include fixed pin sights, moveable-pin sights and pendulum/tree stand sights.

These sight types have their own set of benefits that bow enthusiasts should understand.

The fixed pin sight is regarded as the most common and preferred sight by a lot of hunters. This is because this comes with a simple design and can be easily adjusted according to their preferred adjustment.

The moveable-pin sight on the other hand is a top choice among archers who prefer sights with single pins that can be easily adjusted for any distance.

The pendulum/tree stand sight is the favored sight by a lot of hunters. They want to use this since the sight can be used to provide the needed compensation on the elevation when making downhill shots.

Compound bow sights only help hit the target

First timers and new archers should also understand that a compound bow sight only helps a shooter obtain a greater chance of hitting his target. This simply means that the sight does not provide an assurance that once it is installed on the bow all of the targets will automatically be hit.

However, constant practice and knowing how to properly tune a compound bow sight could possibly help anybody hit designated targets more often if not always. Aside from that, choosing a sight that the shooter thinks can provide the targeting needs that he has is also an important concern that a compound bow enthusiast should take note of.

Compound bow sights are highly-adjustable

Compound bow sights are basically adjustable. However, the manner as to how the device can be adjusted depends on its type.

The fixed pen sight which usually comes with three to five individual pins are adjusted by just moving each of these into a desired position and then tightened to stay in place. In most cases, the top pin of the sight is used for the closest distance while the lowest pin is used for longer distances.

A moveable-pin sight on the other hand has a single pin that must be adjusted before each shot. The adjustment is done by tweaking a system of brackets, worm gears or levers to tune the sight according to the desired position.

Finally, the pendulum/tree stand sight is conveniently adjusted by repositioning the pendulum into a desired position and locking this in place using a specialized lever attached just below the sight.

Compound bow sights require regular tuning

Aside from those provided above, a compound bow sight also requires regular tuning. This is because although most bow sights are equipped with advanced locking systems, there is a great possibility that their pins’ positions would be altered due to continuous use.

Aside from that, regular tuning also ensures that the user will be able to lock the sight on a desired position before an arrow is released.

Compound bow sights continue to modernize

Just like the bows where they are attached, the compound bow sights sold in the market continue to modernize. In fact, a lot of sight makers are now using some of the latest technologies in producing their products and these have improved the level by which the user are able to hit their targets.

As of the present, modern compound bow sights such as those that are using fiber optics, bubble levels and additional axis adjustments, are starting to dominate the market. The fiber-optic equipped sights are currently regarded as among the most accurate since they provide an excellent aiming point for a bow.

The bubble-level-equipped on the other hand increases the shooter’s chances of hitting the target by keeping the bow upright when releasing arrows. Finally, the sights with additional axis adjustments improve the shooters’ target-hitting capability by providing them with more options to tune their bows and lock these to hit particular targets.

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