Top 3 Compound Bow Releases Review

Are you in doubt of your archery or hunting skills when using a compound bow? Do you need a gadget that will eliminate the chances of missing lots of shots, because your fingers experience tension when pulling the string? As a participant in a serious archery tournament or hunting, you need a medium to eliminate the need of your shaking fingers from getting in the way of aiming the target. Thanks to modern technology, people can finally purchase bow releases which are modernized for shooters. As a popular accessory for all archers, it allows the user to be quicker with the release and hit the mark as well. This is because the bow release helps to improve one’s accuracy levels aside from the bow sight and stabilizer. In the past when preparing to shoot arrows, archers and hunters used the middle, index and thumb fingers to make contact with the string.  When the arrow was released, the shot would deform and surely miss the target. Experts refer to this phenomenon as staggered release. This is because the fingers create a string torque every time it is held. Modern archers and hunters can avoid this by using the best compound release bow available in the market. They are designed to make contact with the string at a single point eliminating the chances of the arrow’s trajectory going amiss.

How to choose the best compound bow release

When shopping, features and other factors are the details one needs to pay attention to. They help to make a difference between a high quality product, a useful product and an imitation. To help you choose the best compound bow release, here are factors you need to consider.

Type of bow release

In the market, there are two types of bow releases available – wrist and handheld. Both dominate the market and they are priced according to their usefulness, adjustability and ease of operation. Some are available with single caliper jaws while others with dual caliper jaws. Selecting the type of calipers depends with whether you are shooting a loop on your string or shooting right off the string.

Wrist style

As one of the most popular version in the market, this grip style allows better adjustment providing the user with high levels of accuracy and consistency. One major benefit of the wrist style is that it allows the user to draw the weight to the wrist making it easier to hold the bow back at full draw.


It is lightweight and relatively easy to operate. Users will have to get used to the trigger mechanism since it’s not pulled with the index finger. It is a favorite for professional archers at 3D competitions.

Material type of bow release

The type of material used dictates comfort and durability. There are different types of materials used in the making of a bow release. Some of them include neoprene, leather and nylon. You may even find a bow release made with a mixture of the three materials. For example the strap is made of nylon and covered with leather or neoprene. Remember, the type of material used also affects the price.

Adjustability of bow release

Adjustability is affected by the length of the strap connector. Other models come with a solid swivel that provides something to grab on. Adjustability is important because it reduces torque. When shopping, look for a model that offers a wide range of adjustability between super short and long. Also choose one that has a nylon strap connector. Not only is the material lightweight and tough but the connector allows easy adjustment. This also helps to ensure a perfect fit.


Price is always an important factor to consider because at the end of the day, you have to pay up in order to own the product. Every product is priced differently thanks to the use of different materials and other factors. When shopping for the best compound bow release, it is wise to use a large marketplace with many options. Not only do they highlight features of each product but they provide an instant glance of the prices. Thanks to this, shoppers can be able to make decisions better without the need of browsing many product pages.


If you want to attain clean shots with high accuracy, you need to choose a compound bow release that provides comfort. Since you will be wearing it on your wrist or on your hand for a long period, choosing a comfortable bow release will assure you of better shots. Wrist releases are more popular since they are fitted with padding material under the leather cover but handhelds are comfortable too especially when you get used to the grip.

Top 3 Compound Bow Release Reviews

  1. Tru Fire Release-WriST-Patriot Pt

Gone are the days when the use of bow and arrow was left to those who were experienced. These are perfect not only for experienced users, but for beginners too. Despite the use of cutting edge technology to provide compound bows that are easy to use, they should not be taken lightly. In order to unleash the full potential of the compound bow and your skills, you need to accessorize. Accessories help to extend the functionality of your compound bow allowing you to achieve more than you could imagine. One of the best compound bow release you can invest in is the Tru Fire Release-WriST-Patriot Pt.


  1. Coated jaws and trigger

The Tru Fire Release-WriST-Patriot Pt has its jaws and trigger coated with Teflon. They are heat treated to ensure years of trouble free use. Teflon also known as PTFE is a synthetic compound that was discovered in 1938 by Chemours a spin off company of DuPont Co. As a fluorocarbon solid, it is known to have a high molecular weight compound that consists of carbon and fluorine. It was accidentally discovered by Roy Plunkett in 1938 while working for DuPont in New Jersey. As a non-reactive material, it is used in containers and pipe work for reactive and corrosive chemicals. Thanks to its ability in reducing friction, wear and energy consumption, it is used on coating the jaws and trigger of Tru Fire Release compound bow release. The jaws open when you push the trigger forward and close when released. You don’t have to push the trigger forward to lock it onto the string loop.

  1. Dual caliper release

The Dual caliper release delivers symmetrical distribution of friction. The system works when the loop is released cleaner with less torque. It features a larger head that provides more space to wrap your fingers around. It comes with a wide range of trigger adjustments that offer users with different options for individual archers to customize. Thanks to these options, individual archers can be able to achieve great results.

  1. Padded black nylon power strap

Nylon is a tough and lightweight elastic material that can be molded into different materials or objects. Thanks to its lightweight and tough nature, it is the preferred material for making the Tru Fire Release-WriST-Patriot Pt strap. It is padded to ensure comfort for the user. Archers can spend as much time as they want in the field, and they will not experience burns around the arm. The strap is designed to be much easier to put on like any other V-style strap. It fits both left and right hands making it perfect for users who are comfortable using the left or right hand.


  1. It has a dual caliper release that comes with a wide range of trigger adjustments
  2. Provides an extremely smooth trigger action
  3. The trigger travel is adjustable
  4. Perfect fit for both right and left hands
  5. Jaws and trigger are heat coated with Teflon to ensure durability


  1. Does not include a two way trigger
  2. May not be suitable for archers looking for stronger trigger.


  1. Scott Archery Samurai Release with Buckle Strap

A compound bow release is designed to aid archers shoot arrows more accurately plus obtaining a smoother release. As a mechanical gadget built with high quality materials, it helps archers get a clean shot by reducing movement thus improving the performance of the archer. Thanks to improved technology, archers have access to wrist or handheld compound releases. Wrist models are designed to be easier because the draw weight is usually distributed around the wrist. This provides less effort than a handheld bow release.


  1. Nylon strap connector

The Scott Archery Samurai Release with Buckle Strap is fitted with a nylon strap connector. The infinite strap length is patented and allows the user to adjust between super short and extreme long. It comes in a tuck away design which helps to extend its life. Furthermore, it prevents damage to the nylon inform of fraying. It also helps to reduce torque providing smooth operation and clean shots.

  1. Knurled trigger

If you want to maximize archery whether during summer or winter when wearing heavy gloves, then you need the best compound bow release with knurled trigger. Today, archers are using compound bows more because they allow archers to customize and make sufficient adjustment. This helps to ensure that one achieves a clean shot. If you are hunting with a compound bow or competing in an archer’s tournament, you need excellent grip. Knurling is a process where a pattern of straight, angled or crossed lines are rolled or cut onto a material. This helps to give the archer a better grip. It also feels great in the crook of the knuckle or the tip of the archer’s finger.

  1. Over-sized head

A quality archery release helps to increase accuracy and make shooting to be easier. It is important just like a trigger on a rifle. Tournament archers and hunters prefer compound bow release whether handheld or wrist designed because it helps one shoot with their back muscles. Furthermore, they provide more consistent anchoring. Choosing a model with an over-sized head ensures a better fit for the user which is needed for a clean shot.

  1. One piece curved trigger

Majority of archers have experienced target panic at one point when in the field. It is quite frustrating for the archer and may cost them a clean shot. Every archer has his or her preference when it comes to triggers. Why? Solid brand reputation and consistency are some of the factors to consider, but satisfying performance plays a major factor when choosing the best bow release. With the Scott Archery Samurai Release with Buckle Strap, the trigger is available as a one piece. This is designed to fit the contours of your finger allowing you to achieve clean shots.


  1. Has no-torque and tuck away design that provides easy operation
  2. It comes with a knurled trigger providing versatility and superior grip
  3. Offers torque free performance
  4. The one piece curved trigger fits the contours of the archer’s fingers
  5. Has an oversized head for a better feel


  1. May not be affordable by a some shoppers.


  1. Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release

The Hardcore series of compound bow releases was designed to be the ultimate hook/single jaw release with tons of useful features for the archer. For starters, the Hardcore series of releases is designed with a self-centering knuckle that is located on the main body. This eliminates side by side torque, a major flaw that is common with conventional brands. They are designed with solid steel jaw that automatically closes when the trigger is depressed. Two trigger designs options are available – swept back trigger and forward trigger. This makes the Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release an ultimate model for hardcore hunters and serious tournament archers.


  1. Camo evolution buckle strap

The Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release is fitted with a new buckle strap design that eliminates the need of fumbling in order to get the end of the strap through the buckle. Users don’t have to pull the head out of the buckle and it works great with or without gloves. Unlike other buckle straps available in the market, Tru Fire goes the extra mile to use ballistic material that is layered with leather and padded material. This helps to ensure that the strap does not stretch when drawing the bow to near zero. The strap allows the head to pivot either left or right and also fall away. It pivots a full 20 degrees eliminating torque at full draw. It is designed with camo evolution design which is perfect for hunters as it offers an illumination of concealment. Furthermore, it is the most comfortable strap in the market.

  1. Single hook release

1984 saw the team of Lynn and Judi Tentler (husband and wife) took their passion for archery and founded Tru Fire Release Company. Thanks to the use of cutting edge technology, the company has been developing releases with ultra-smooth heads and comfortable wrist straps allowing hunters and archers to achieve great shots. The Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Release features a single hook release that self closes automatically. It also fits perfectly in both the left and right hands. This makes it perfect for people who prefer either to use the left or right hand when hunting or when participating in serious archery tournaments. In order to guarantee that the release will not slip off the loops, a one inch length adjustment can be locked in place. This helps the user to align a center shot thanks to the fully adjustable trigger travel.


  1. The strap is built with high quality materials assuring you of durability and long term service
  2. It features camo evolution design making it perfect for hunters and the most comfortable strap in the market
  3. Its fits both the left and right hands. This makes the unit perfect for people who prefer to use the right or left hand. It eliminates the need of spending more money to buy another set.
  4. It features an American made single hook release which self closes automatically
  5. Has a head that pivots either to the left or right. It also pivots a full 20 degrees eliminating torque at full draw.


  1. It is expensive
  2. May not be a great fit for people with a bigger wrist.


Final Thoughts

Thanks to modern technology, archers and hunters whether experienced or not have access to the best compound bow release available in the market. Not only are they made with high quality materials assuring the user of comfort but they are designed to provide a comfortable fit allowing you to attain accuracy and clean shots. Although bows and arrows are not used in the modern society by men in order to provide food for their family, they still play an important role in hunting and sports.

As a user, the past methods of handling the string will not do especially with modern bows. This calls for either a handheld or wrist style bow release. To shop for the best there are factors you need to consider and some of them include type, adjustability, cost, material and hook up mechanism. Taking this into consideration will allow you to make the right selection out of the many brands and models available today. Are you shopping for the best compound bow release to use on your next hunting trip or tournament? I highly recommend the products reviewed above for better accuracy.

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