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Learning how to become a professional archer with the compound bow is a journey on its own; especially if you just started off with just the bow. For you to be successful in this journey, you will want to keep this valuable item safe and secured as you develop your shooting and aiming skills. The best compound bow case can efficiently protect your bow and keep it safe for as long as you need it.

If you are reading this article, you might have invested in any of the best compound bows on the market. For this situation, getting a bow case to protect your investment will not be out of line. One of the best ways one can care for his bow is to make a quality investment in a durable bow case. There are many compound bow cases to choose from, as well, as many factors to be considered when you decide to make a pick. Therefore, you should have a standpoint on some factors. Primarily and most importantly, the type of compound bow you have determines what bow case you should be looking for and what features should come with it.

Bow Case Buying Considerations

The type of bow

Answering this question will keep you within the confinement of certain cases away from others that may not seem useful. Well, you have to be specific about what you suits you the most and meets you needs. Some bows are specific to cases and may not be compatible with just any case you buy. For instance, a target compound bow will not always fit into just any compound case. There are cases that have been designed for takedown recurves, some for longbows and others for traditional recurves. However, there are cases that that go for all types of compounds.

Use and Mobility

After you might have concluded on the type of case, you need to consider where you will be taking your bow case and your intent on transporting it. You must consider what will comfortably keep the case protected and secured. If it is not going to bounce around when placed at the back of your truck, then what you need should be different from what is you can place on the cushioned back seat of your SUV. In another instance, what you need if you are transporting this case yourself should be something light and comfortable to carry.


If your bow case is your desired storage place for your bow at home, you need to make up your mind on where it the case will be properly placed to keep it protected and away from children and running kids, falling tools and fixtures, running kids, and harsh weather.

The kind of bow case

Your response to number 2 consideration may have a role to play in this aspect. It should be made clear that hard case and a soft case will not provide the same level of protection to your bow as the former provides a better level of protection. However, a hard case may take up more space, and they tend to be heavier than the soft cases. The choice is then left for you to decide what your priorities are: the safety/storage of your bow, the lightness of the case or how compatible it is, so, decide on what is practical.

If you insist on a third option: one that has a blend of the properties of the soft cases and the hard cases, you can opt for a hybrid case. These cases are soft and come with foam layering in it. They offer a bit more protection than the regular soft cases although they may not be as rugged as the hard cases.

If I must fly with my bow

Airport baggage handlers may not care about your luggage as they can be rough sometimes. This becomes an issue of concern when you fly with your bow case. All you need to do is look for the term that says ‘airline grade’ or something close to it. Remember you also have nothing to lose as you can also use your travel case for your normal indoor or outdoor archery activities even though it is rated for airline use.

If it can hold other items

There is case that has been specifically constructed to secure and hold your bow, and that will be all while other may include pockets, straps, zippers, and related features to hold your personal items. For example, some takedown recurves cases have been designed with padded straps to keep your entire rig so you can carry all of it on your back. If your tools always come in handy, then you shouldn’t leave any of them behind when you go shooting or hunting.

Bow Cases

There are two categories of the bow cases, and this classification also applies to the compound bow cases. They are:

Soft shell bow cases

Simply put, this is just a big nylon pocket used in wrapping up the entire equipment and having extra pockets for smaller tools. The soft shell case is easy to carry for long times if you are the type that is always on the move, because it is much lighter than the hard shell. However, its flexible material does not make it strong enough to contain so many items heaping together. There is a very high tendency when you exceed its load capacity, either the bow or the equipment or both is damaged. The benefit of this case is that it is affordable and very light to carry. If you are on a low budget, why not consider this type of case.

Hard shell bow cases

Just as the name implies, it is a hard and durable box that can securely keep your bow. It gets its heaviness from the hard plastic or light metal material used in its construction. However, it provides better protection to your bow and other equipment because of its hard materials. Even when you stack them, they don’t get broken or damaged which is a norm with the soft shell cases. Its solid nature offers you more compartments for storage and to securely keep items firmly in their right positions when you are mobile.

4 Best Compound Bow Cases Product Reviews

Allen Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case

This is a great compound bow case that offers great value for money. It may not be the cheapest on the market, but it is not the most expensive. Allen Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case is very durable and well able to handle abrasion. There are plenty of pockets available for storage and all zippers open and closes easily plus they are all good quality

You can now go hunting with all your gear and equipment, because this bow case is designed with a total of 10 accessory pockets. Two of these pockets have magnetic fasteners and are deep. Three have zippers that can be opened while two of them are barrel shaped Velcro pocket for keeping stuff like monocular, bow wax, and so on. The last pockets are a mesh zipper pocket and another Velcro just in front of the pocket that zips open. In all, there are six pockets in front of the case. The design of this case makes made to be very simple but good looking. It gets its sharp look from the black or gray color depending on the case you pick. This case can deliver the protection and storage that you need for your bow even though it is soft shell.

The main compartment of this bow has been designed to be well padded and to fit a compound bow well. A bow when properly placed inside this case can be done with three straps: two straps for the limb and one for the center. The strap at the limb lines up with almost all compound bows while the center straps securely keep the bow in place when you are on the go although, it would have been better if the center strap was fixed near the front. The quiver pocket of this compound case has more than enough depth for up to 6 arrows of about 35 inch each. I most likely won’t get this same protection from another soft case. Overall, this is a solid buy that offers good value for money. When you put all these benefits together, you may not be able to ignore the fact that this case offers a great value for money


Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case

The Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case has an excellent construction and can be cavernous for your items and hunting gears. Therefore, you don’t have to leave anything behind when you head for the range. Its lovely design makes it a nice item to showcase to friends plus it is of a great quality. Exactly having all the benefits that existing users have rated it to have, this compound bow case is an excellent bag for the protection of your valuable hunting tool. This is a decent economical case and offers great value for money.

Comparing this product to the Allen Gear Fit X, the Mossy Oak Compound Bow Case is less expensive having a soft exterior and a cameo design for hunting if you choose to take it along with you. This is a soft shell bow case, and this means that the walls are not as thick or solid as a hard shell. For a compound bow of up to 45 inches, this camouflage case will comfortably fit and still gives you some extra room for more accessories.

Its durable material holds up in tough conditions by while transporting and adequately storing your bow. One thing to consider before you purchase this case is that it is quite big, but when you think of something good for transportation and storage, you just might be satisfied with this product. It doesn’t come with so many straps on the inside; however, they still have received a good customer rating from Amazon. They are very affordable. In all, this bow case has proven itself to be very impressive even though it appears simple and has no extra pocket inside or on the outside.

This case has about 0.5-inch padding, so your bow is protected in motion when it bounces. Overall, this lightweight compound case is a great buy for less than $20. Just make a little more investment to prolong the life of your expensive bow and save more.


Flambeau Compound Bow Case

The biggest advantage of the Flambeau Compound Bow Case is that it is big enough so it can comfortably accommodate any compound bow. As far hard cases go, some people would always prefer the soft cases, but this notion hasn’t made this compound case less good. There are places you would want to go, but unless you have a hard case, you may be restricted in your movements. This case comes with a built-in pillar to give extra support, and this addition is very impressive for the firmness of the bow.

This compound bow has a rugged plastic build and in fact, have been found to be sturdier than some regular cases you also find on the market. The plastic latches of this bag are okay when you consider its price even though some users have voiced their dissatisfaction with the latches. Like I said, this won’t be a problem when you realize that this case is budget friendly. The rubber shaft holders are also not on the perfect side as they are known to be a little stiff. This stiffness makes the process of strapping your bow a little difficult.

One unique quality about this compound case is that it is lockable, in fact, it is designed to have 4 locking points so that it is secured from children and unauthorized access. Also, attached to this case are a built in three and four blade broadhead changer. This is the kind of case you can comfortably put at the back of your pickup truck or your SUV without worrying about it bouncing around.

The Flambeau Compound Bow Case is lightweight yet durable and can hold just enough arrows for your hunting trip. The Velcro strap for securing the bow give a nice touch, and has been well-designed. This is the kind of case that comfortably fits all your gear and hunting tools, and yet, you still have more room for extra equipment.


SAS Nylon Archery 43-inch Compound Bow Case

Don’t get deceived by the looks of this case. The SAS Nylon Archery 43-inch Compound Bow Case comes designed with two simple colors but beyond its simplicity, lies an excellent performance in the protection, storage, and transportation of your bow. It’s durable and yet lightweight material used in the construction of this case make it easy to hold and carry when on foot walking.

This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a case that comfortably houses your gear and hunting equipment during your practice sessions, or hunting expedition. With this case, you can walk confidently knowing fully well that your bow is well secured and protected. Featured in this compound bow case are 3 durable pockets that are spacious enough to carry just everything you need in one heap.

The front pocket is large enough to fit a full-sized arrow case perfectly. Your other essentials and accessories such as nocks, bow squares and releases, broadheads and so on, can be securely and firmly housed by the top pouch. The made compartment of this bow is constructed to keep your compound bow.

Velcro straps are also included to prevent your bow from moving and bouncing while you are on the road traveling to your shooting location. There are four straps that have been included in this soft shell compound case: 2 for the riser then one for each cam pocket. This case comes with a mesh lining on the other side of the compartment, and this bag carry all you need into the field. You will simply appreciate the innovations that have been incorporated into this compound bow case. Everything put together plus high customer rating makes this item an excellent buy and something you shouldn’t miss.



Compound bows can be very expensive, and they are known to be valuable items that must be handled with care if you want them around for a couple of years. You have to make a little more investment for a case. We have gone through what should be considered before you go all out for the perfect pick of a compound bow case. This consideration they can be a great guide for you in selecting the proper compound bow case.  This article covers a lot ranging from the categories of bow cases and some of the best compound bow cases available on the market.

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