Best Takedown Recurve Bows

What happens when you want to enjoy the best of shooting arrows, and minus the hassles associated with using the conventional bow design? Well, it might just be the right time for you to consider investing in the best takedown recurve bows. Whether it be just recreational target shooting, to hunting, to bow-fishing or even shooting competitions, the recurve bows are perfect for your needs. These machines can also be equipped with special sights and quiver sets, which can be used to take your accuracy to the next level. The recurve bows are also available with various types of draw weight, which means that the bows can be customized to suit the need of the user.

1.Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

Discover the excellence of using the Southwest Archery Spyder Recurve Bow and Arrow Set. The
unique design of this recurve bow does well to combine for special selected
wood materials. These materials provide a beautiful compact and lightweight
bow, that is ideal for any type of user. More so, this best takedown recurve
bow also available in both the left hand and right, with an exceptional draw
weight increment. The recurve bow also comes with preinstalled threaded
bushings, that can allow for the inclusion of several accessory upgrades. Some
of these upgrades include plungers, bow fishing reels, stabilisers and more.
Besides that, the reinforced limp tips allow the bow to provide fast flight and
its also Flemish string compatible. Users will also appreciate the highly
durable design of, this recurve bow that provides optimal longevity benefits.
With the unique heavy-duty design, this takedown recurve bow can handle
anything that you throw at it. It also sets up within seconds, and the tension
of the string is adjustable to suit your shooting needs. Furthermore, the
unique structure of the bow makes it ideal for hunting deer, bowfishing and
even target practice.


l Made using naturally sourced wood to create a beautiful
recurve bow

l Available in both left and hand right orientations

l Comes with preinstalled threaded bushings to suit various

l Durable construction provides


l The set does not come with a stringer

2.SAS Spirit Jr 54″ Beginner Youth Wooden Archery Bow

Are you searching for the perfect takedown recurve bow? Well, consider using the SAS
Spirit Jr 54-inch beginner wooden, archery bow. This is the ideal bow for the
youth who want to discover the benefits of shooting arrows. The bow is made
using quality lamination wood, and the limbs are also made of special maple
laminations. More so, the inclusion of the preinstalled brass bushings for the stabilizer
allows for improved bow sight and more. Made using special fiberglass and
maple, these recurve bows provide an exceptional target shooting experience. In
this way, you can experience optimal flexibility and the durability required
for next level target shooting. While the bend will bend to adjust to the needs
of the shooter, this unit is entirely impervious to breaking. The bow is also
available with a stringer tool, which is important when it comes to setting up
the bow. Besides that, the manufacturers of this bow also had safety in mind.
The special design of the riser and the string limbs helps to ensure the user
is safe from any injury. Plus, the riser is also made using different types of
material. These wood materials include gmelina Arborea, beech and chuglam. The
main benefit of these woods is that they give the bow rise a pale yellow to
cream colored look. In particular, this unique design is not only durable, but
it also lets you shoot at your targets with style.


l The riser is crafted using high-quality lamination wood

l The limbs consist of maple laminations and durable fiberglass

l The bow also features preinstalled brass bushings for

l The bow has a pale and colored look


l Replacing the string is difficult for
some users

3. KESHES Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow – 62″ Recurve hunting bow

 With the Keshes Takedown Recurve bow, you can be sure that you will never miss a target again. The recurve bow consists of an
impressive round edge rise and wooden limbs that are layered with fiberglass.
Besides that, the knob also has screws that attach to the limbs on the riser,
which means no tools are required. The stringer tool also allows for easy and
safe assembly, which makes the recurve bow convenient to use. Plus, the bow
rise also has an ergonomic design, with rounded edges and a fine finish wooden
handle. This will allow you to experience the best aiming while shooting at any
given target. Like all the top-quality recurve bows available today, this unit
also features preinstalled bushings for additional accessories. Some of the
accessories to consider include stabilizers, sight, quivers and more. Thanks to
the unique takedown feature, users can always change the limb to improve the
weight as you grow, and it can even be decreased. Whether you are left or right
handed, the Keshes best takedown recurve bow has you covered.


l This unit comes with an impressive round edge riser

l The wooden limbs outside are layered with fiberglass

l Comes with special knobs that attach to the limbs on the

l The bow features extra bushings for
additional accessories


l The plastic component of the bow is
prone to damage

4. Southwest Archery Tigershark Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

Introducing the all new southwest archery Tigershark takedown bow and arrow set, which is
made using premium wood. The impressive bow also features an all-new and
elegant satin fish riser, with improved rounded edges as well as limb pockets.
The reinforced limb tips and improved flush limb bolts closely resemble the
high-end bows that are found on the consumer market. Designed to be versatile
and efficient, this takedown recurve bow is perfect for various types of
applications. Whether its field, target, or outdoor sports archery, this unit
is the perfect solution for your needs. The bow also comprises of four types of
naturally source woods, to provide an appealing takedown recurve bow unit.
Furthermore, the bow is available in both right and left-handed orientations to
make it a suitable solution for your target practice needs. It also features
reinforced tips to allow the bow to be fast flight and Flemish string
compatible as well. The Tigershark PRO also provides precision pin locking
technology, to ensure exact limb placement and improved performance. The bow
also features preinstalled bushings, which can accommodate various types of
accessories including mechanical rests.


l Available in both left and right-handed draw weights

l Provides precision pin locking technology

l Comes with preinstalled threaded bushings to suit various
accessory upgrades

l Has reinforced limb tips to allow for
enhanced flight and string compatibility


l The sting takes time to adjust

5. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Change the way in which you hit your favourite targets by using the Samick Sage Takedown
recurve bow. This unit comes with pre-installed bushings to accommodate various
types of accessories. In fact, some of the accessories supported by this unit
include the stabilizer, quiver, plunger, just to name few. Similar to all the high-end
recurve bows that are available today, this unit also has a heavy-duty design.
The string also sets up within minutes, and the durable design provides optimal
longevity. Users can also adjust the tension of the string to suit their unique
target hitting needs. The recurve bow also sets up within seconds, and it also
folds compact for convenient storage. Thanks to the heavy-duty design of this
recurve bow, the bow can take almost anything that you can throw at it. The
draw strength of the bow is also simple to adjust to accommodate the
ever-changing needs of archers.


l This bow comes with preinstalled bushings

l It also has a heavy-duty design

l The string is simple to adjust


l The draw strength is not suitable for
large or professional archers

How to buy the best takedown recurve bow

Hand orientation

The hand orientation is perhaps one of the most crucial factors to consider when
choosing the best takedown bow. To determine which orientation is suitable for
your needs, simply consider your most dominant hand. For example, if you write
or eat with the right hand, then this is the dominant side of your hand. On the
contrary, if you write or throw a ball with your left hand, then your left hand
is the dominant side. When choosing the appropriate hand orientation for a bow,
ensure that you choose that option that suits your dominant hand. The dominant
hand is used to draw the string of bow while the opposite hand stays in a
constant position.

Draw weight

When choosing the appropriate recurve bow, ensure that you consider the draw weight.
This factor varies in different types of archers, and you may consider specific
factors for the best results. Ensure that you choose the proper draw weight,
especially if you want to hit the target wit accuracy. Choosing a recurve bow
that has the appropriate draw weight also plays a major role in the accuracy of
the archer. In most cases, the lower draw weights are recommended for the small
bodied or inexperienced archers.

Any archers are likely to progress the more they practice with the bow, which leads to
increased draw weights, the draw weight of the bow can adjust down the line by
investing and installing additional weight limbs. This is very convenient for
improving the draw weight of the recurve bow

Assembly and disassembly

While most recurve bows require some form of assembly and disassembly, the procedure
should as convenient and simple as possible for the user. Broadly speaking, the
conventional bow consists of three main components. These include the riser,
limbs and string.

The two limbs can be mounted on the riser, which consists of limb bolts. You might have
to ensure that the limbs are correctly installed by holding the riser in your
hands. Ensure the limb tips pointing away from you when the bow is unstrung.
The string also features two varying size loops on each section. The end of the
string with the large of the two loops goes on the top limb and moves down the
limp tip and through the string groove. The end section of the string that has
the small loop moves through the lower limp and moves through the limp and all
through the string groove.

You might have to use a stringer tool, to flex the limbs to make it easy for the end of
the strings with the large loops to move back up the limb. Ensure that the
string is installed correctly and ensure that each end of the string is placed
in the string grooves.

Stringer tool

It’s important to note that a stringer tool is one of the crucial aspects of any
recurve bow set. The stringer tool makes it simple to assemble and disassemble
any bow, and without compromising the structure of the bow. The stringer tool
is important when the string must be installed or detached from the bow. That
said, its recommended that you should not leave the bowstring for a long
duration of time, which means that you have to remove the string after each
use. The best takedown recurve bow should come with an option to include the
stringer tool. This unit is an important aspect of any successful target

Other considerations 

l Material construction- recurve bows are made using different
types of material including wood, metal and plastic

l Ease of string installation- the best bow makes it simple for
the archer to install the string and adjust it to their needs

l Design aesthetic- the bow should not only have a heavy-duty
design, but it should also let the archer shoot with style

l Brand- some of the tops recurve bow
brands include Keshes, Southwest Archer, just to name a few.

 Final thoughts

All things considered, there is no room for poor decision making when it comes to making
the most of your arrow shooting experiences. Getting equipped is highly
important, and this is why the best takedown recurve bows as the best place to
start. The recurve bows provide various design features, which can take your
accuracy to the next level. Besides that, these units are simple to assemble
and are available with unique safety features to match your target hitting

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