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Bow Draw Weights For Hunting Different Animals

Bow hunting is a popular activity among people across the country. There are a variety of animals that can be hunted with a bow. These animals may have different minimum bow draw weights due to the size of the animal in which you are hunting. The draw weight is an important factor to know when deciding to hunt and kill a certain type of animal. If you do not have the minimum draw weight for that animal, then it is likely you will not have a successful kill. If you have the bow weight set to high, you could demolish the animal. An over powerful weight can be just as disappointing as having the weight set to low. It is a good idea to understand the minimum weight that should be used for each type of animal that you want to hunt with your bow. You will need to check with your state laws concerning bow hunting. Some states have a regulation set in place on the required minimum bow weight that can be used. If you’re not sure what the bow draw weights for hunting different animals are here are several tips for you to consider.

Whitetail Deer draw weight

The whitetail deer are one of the most popular animals that are killed each year for meat. If you are not familiar with using a bow to hunt your prey, it is important to know the draw weight that you need. The draw weight on your bow for shooting deer can vary slightly. These variations depend on your state regulations, and your physical ability. If your state requires a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds, then you need to be able to comfortably use that weight minimum. If you are not comfortable with this bow draw weight, you may have some difficulty in an accurate kill. Many states who have regulations are posting their draw weight for whitetail deer at approximately 40 pounds. This could be slightly different depending on where you live. The laws regarding bow draw weight are set in place to ensure that the deer are killed in a humane manner.

Elk draw weight

The hunt for elk is always a fun challenge. The victory of killing an elk with a bow is an amazing accomplishment. People who have never used a bow to hunt elk may not know the draw weight required. It is important to have the best draw weight for that big of an animal of error and mistakes. If the draw weight is not set high enough, the hunt could turn into a deadly situation. A bow draw weight required for elk should be approximately 60 pounds. When using a 60-pound draw weight it is a good idea to aim carefully before taking the shot. If you do not hit the main organ it could become a serious and critical situation. Make sure to double check with the state regulations to determine if you are required to use a different minimum draw weight than specified here.

Bear draw weight

Bear hunting is another popular sport that can be done using a bow. The draw weight that can be used for bear hunting should be set accurately in order to get the most out of your hunting experience. You will want to ensure you are going to kill the bear and not just make it extremely upset with you. That could turn into an unexpectedly bad situation for you and the bear. A good draw weight to use for bear hunting is between 42 and 65 pounds. This weight can change depending on the type and size of the bear you are hunting. This weight is great for black bear but a grizzly may need 65 or possibly a little higher depending on the bear that you want to kill. Check with your state regulations to ensure you’re following the laws that have been enforced for bow bear hunting.

Antelope draw weight

Every bow hunter knows that hunting antelope can be an exhilarating and tricky hunt. The animal often is free range in open areas and it can be long range shot to take. A bow should have approximately 40 pounds of draw weight to take down a medium-size antelope. A larger size antelope may need a higher weight for an accurate kill shot. The draw weight for a bigger antelope would be between 42-65 pounds draw weight. The larger the antelope the more draw weight you are going to want to use. It is important that when you are bow hunting any type of animal that you have the weight set to ensure that you will kill it and not endanger the game. Once you have an antelope in your sight, it can be an adrenaline hunt.

Moose draw weight

A moose is a larger size animal that can be intimidating to chase and shoot. Many hunters who use a bow to kill a moose are aware of the appropriate draw weight they need their bow to be. The big size game can be harder to hit if your weight is not set to the appropriate specification. When you’re hunting a large game, it is a good idea to have your draw weight set at approximately 65 pounds. This will help to ensure that you are going to reach your target at a distance and make an impacted kill shot. When you take, the kill shot it is easier to aim for the side of a moose to ensure you hit the main organs. When your patient and wait for the right aim, it can pay off in the long run.

The draw weight for a bow varies because of the type and size of game you want to kill. It is a good idea to practice before going on the hunt to make sure you can comfortably use the appropriate weight. Practice will let you know what you are capable of and can prevent an accident from occurring while on the hunt. Always check the laws in your hunting location to make sure your following any guidelines that are set in place for bow hunting.

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