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Bow Hunting Shot Placement for Wild Boar

While hunting whitetails is extremely common, hunting for feral pigs and wild boars can be quite exciting and challenging too. Wild boar hunting has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years especially because they’re overabundant and wreak havoc on field crops, but what you need to be careful is the proper bow hunting shot placement for wild boar. Many inexperienced hunters are not even aware where to aim when it comes to a wild boar.

Hog’s footprints are usually round in nature. You can even spot them near the marsh and wet areas where they like to play in the mud. You can also check out near creeks, fences, or other obstacles on the trail. They are even known to rub trees with their tusks leaving marks on them. This can also be a sure sign of their presence.

Deer vs. Wild Boar Hunting Techniques  

A common misconception amongst new boar hunters is that the techniques used to hunt hogs are like those applied when hunting a deer. However, this is not true. Bow-hunting shot placement for wild boars is different from that of whitetails. The right bow-hunting shot placement for wild boar will help you make things easier. So, how do you do it? Here is a look.

 How to place your shot for a “clean kill” while hunting wild boars?

Wild boars can be difficult to locate and hit, compared to other large animals. You can use the same equipment that you use to hunt whitetails, but you’ll need to use different shot placement tactics to avoid wasting too much time in tracking them.

Before jumping into the details, here are two things to remember when placing your shot for wild boars:

A hog’s fat is known to block entry and exit lesions, which in turn quickens blood trail, causing a slow death.

Their innards are lower and more anterior compared to a deer and are smaller in size as well.

Before you Hunt

Boars are seen to be most active during the morning and the night near sources where there is an availability of food and water. The can be commonly found in agricultural areas which have surrounding forest cover. They also move through dense thickets, so you need to analyze the footprints of the animals that use the trail.

You must remember to check the wind direction before you start out. You can also track and sneak up on a wild boar easily as it has a poor sense of vision. You should take a trail and follow it looking for movements among the trees. Boars usually travel in groups; the so chances are that you will find many of them.

You can use the same gear that you use for hunting a whitetail – a bow, arrows, and a few broad heads. The method of shot placement differs as using the method to kill a whitetail will lead you trailing a hog a long way.

The Equipment to Use

What’s the most ideal equipment used to kill a wild boar?

It is recommended that you use sturdy, knife-edged, broad-head arrows for a powerful penetration that’s capable of breaking bones. These broad-heads can typically kerf through roughly two inches of a hog’s cartilage shield.

In case you find it tough to choose the right broad head, here are the three best ones to knock a boar down successfully:

l 3-Blade Fixed-Blade Broadhead by Muzzy

l ThunderHead Fixed Blade Broadheads

l Rage 2-Blade Expandable Broadhead


Bow Hunting Shot Placement for Wild Boar

With a bow the most effective shot opportunities are quartering away and broadside. Quartering away shots are what you need to prefer more, especially if you find that the wild boar’s front leg is forward. This is because that’s where you would find the heart. For larger hogs, the best way to kill is to aim near the midline on the back crease of the front shoulder.

Shot Placement Techniques You can Learn

Here is a look at the top two shot placement methods that you can use. These are easy to learn, and you would be perfecting your bow hunting shot placement in no time.

  1. Quartering-away: These types of shots are the most advantageous particularly with the front limb in a ventral position. The quartering-away method is used for hunting larger boars since they have the legendary shield, protecting the vitals. This shield is comprised of cartilage that helps them to impede attacks of other boars.

These shots are deadly in nature and can effectively knock down a boar despite its armor plate. Expert hog hunters say that you must aim lower to cut through the heart as shots aimed higher hit the lung tissue.

  1. Broadside: Smaller boars that weigh 125 pounds or less should be hunted using a broadside shot. Aim at the mid-point of the chest which is located right behind the front shoulder. Broadside shots pierce through the lungs of a boar and speed up the blood trail, resulting in a speedy death.

Also, remember to use a good and sturdy broad head which is strong enough to pierce through the tough skin or cartilage of the wild boar. Wide cutting broad heads make a heavy damage to the organs of the animal resulting in a quick and clean kill.

Even though wild boars can cause a tremendous amount of harm to crops and the environment in general, they must be hunted in an ethical way. It’s important to place your shots correctly while bow hunting to ensure a clean kill and faster recovery. It is not right to make anyone suffer, even if it is an animal you are hunting, so follow the proper bow hunting shot placement for wild boar.

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