How to Hunt for Deer with a Bow

Deer hunting is a fun sport many people take part in each year. Being able to know the perfect strategies to use for hunting deer with a bow can be beneficial. The different bow hunting tactics can be used to help increase the chances of tagging a deer. Deer are creatures of habit and can smell human scent. They are aware of the hunters from a distance, and it can be difficult to find the right area of the woods to hunt. If you are wanting to increase your bow hunting chances, then there are several factors and tips to consider.

Practice Makes Perfect

Bow hunting is a great sport to take advantage of during deer season. Hunters should practice using their bow during the summer months. The more a hunter practices shooting the bow, the better shot they will become. It is extremely important for new bows to be used before it is time to kill a deer. The hunter needs to understand how to work the bow and what techniques are best for a better outcome. When a hunter spends, time practicing with his bow, he will feel more comfortable when it is time to target a deer. A hunter who is inexperienced with the bow that he is using, may miss a deer, or make a mistake.

One important factor to remember is if you’re practicing is that the type of clothing you have on can make a difference. It will be a different effect if you are practicing in short sleeves and shooting deer in a heavy coat. The anchor and length of the draw can be different when you are wearing heavy clothes. Make sure that you practice regularly and do so with heavier clothes as well to ensure that you do not run into any interference when it is time to kill a deer.

Search and Scout

In order to have a better chance at getting a deer, you need to know where they are. It is important to scout the area that you want to hunt. Determine where the deer are located and what their routes are. Find out where they eat, rest, and sleep. It is always better to do your homework before you are going to hunt deer on the first day. This will help you determine the best place to be to get a big buck. It is not a good idea to scout the woods right before deer season begins. It is best to scout after the ending of deer season and again in the spring time. If you scout right before the season starts you may not locate the right area. Let the deer calm down before it is close to the season to begin. Then determine the area for you to set up at and locate the buck of your dreams. Do your research during the spring of the year and use that information to determine the best plan of action to take.

Tree Stand Location

The location of the deer stand is critical. The location will determine whether you will hit the deer you’re hunting or whether it runs away from you. Being out of range can make the difference between getting a buck or missing it. You will want to have the stand facing the area you are hunting or a deer trail that is used frequently. The perfect angle, sight, and bow hunting range are needed to hit the deer accurately. It is important to ensure that you have an approximate range of 20 yards. Make sure that your stand is not going to be spotted or smelled by the deer that is going to pass through the area. If a deer cannot smell or spot you, then you have a good chance of getting the most effective kill.

Understand Your Kill Range

Know your effective kill range. Only you can determine what that range is. Once you have determined the EKR, then you are more likely going to have an effective kill shot. The range determines on your comfort and ability. It is not to be based on what someone else’s EKR is. The pressure that is used to get the arrow in the middle of a circle is the EKR. This could be anywhere from 40 yards to 10 yards. The factor of the EKR is based on you and you only. Whatever EKR works for you, and can be done comfortably, is important. Once you have that figured out, then you will have a better chance Do not try to reach an EKR of your friend, use what works for you. Once you are able to stay at the range that is easy for you, then you can focus on killing the deer. You will have fewer issues killing a deer if the EKR is easy and feels natural.

The Direction of the Wind

The direction of the wind is another crucial factor to take into consideration when hunting for a deer with a bow. The wind can switch direction and a deer can smell your scent. It is best to stay out of the stand when the wind is blowing in the wrong direction and has increased in strength. If you decide to stick out the wind while in the stand, you may lose the chance to take out the big buck. Whitetail deer have a strong sense of smell and will be able to smell you during the wind change. Use the wind as a guide and know when to stay away from your stand.

These are several factors that can be used to determine the best bow hunting for a deer outcome. If you want to know how to hunt a deer with a bow, these factors can help you become successful. Always practice, know where the deer are, understand the best location, position the deer stand, learn your EKR and use the wind as a guide. Now it is time to take what you have learned and go get that big buck.

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